Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Progress on Final project

I am almost done making videos, tomorrow i am editing them and making them into a documentary. Hopefully everything turns out how i want it to be!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Final Project

My project is about me. Who i am, how ive grown and matured as a person this year. The events that have changed my life this year, how its affected me. And im going to interview my parents and ask them questions about me. Though to make this project work i need editing help with all the videos im peicing together. So if anyone knows how to edit videos together i need help. I want this project perfect

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Gatsby Essay

Prom is coming up and Skylar wanted to ask his first love Becca, but the problem is that Becca is together with a real mean, disrespectful guy named Bumper. Skylar truly believes that Becca is still in love with him.
Skylar has two months to swift Becca off her feet and dump Bumper. Luckily for Skylar, Becca's cousin Amy is in town and Amy approves Skylar then Bumper. Amy hates Bumper, despises him. Amy is always telling Becca that Skylar is way more deserving then Bumper. But the only reason why Becca is with Bumper is because he's the most popular guy at school and plus he's rich with a very expensive car. Skylar has a car, but its only a ford fusion unlike Bumpers which is a Land Rover.
Skylar always tries to hang out with her all the time but Bumper always gets in the way and tries to get rid of him. Bumper knows his plan to get Becca back and he laughs at Skylar for even trying. Bumper has never been dumped but you can bet he dumped dozens of girls.
Skylar starts hanging out with Becca's cousin, Amy, a lot because he knows that Becca will be around. Amy is a thick girl, but not to thick, beautiful face with great bright green eyes that could see your soul. Amy, her soul is peer never broken. She has great long thick auburn hair that glows in the light. Skylar always thought she was beautiful but his heart belonged to Becca who has the same great green eyes, but her eyes have an intensity that he loved, her hair was much different from her  cousin's. Her hair was a dark red cut short into a bob.
As Skylar and Amy hung out more, Becca started to become jealous of Amy because she knew how great Skylar was, but she didn't loved him anymore, but then again she didn't love Bumper either. She was just with him because she knew she'd have the prom she always dreamed of with him.
Its been a month until prom and Skylar is running out of time and he doesn't know how to get Becca back. At this time Amy and Skylar have been getting really close and Amy is starting to have feelings for him but she knows his heart belongs to her cousin.
Amy goes to Becca's house to talk to her about her feeling toward Skylar and Skylars plot to get her back. Becca was fine with Amy being with Skylar, but is not fine with him trying to get her back
So Becca thought the best solution for Becca to solve the situation is to talk to skylar and try to get him and Amy together. So Becca goes to his house, of course he's there, skylar is excited to see her, except he notices that somethings wrong. He invites her in and Becca tells him that she doesn't love him and that he needs to stop the silly plan and figure out who he wants to take to prom except for her, Becca mentioned that he should take Amy. Skylar was crushed by Beccas words of her saying she doesn't love him anymore but when she mentioned Amy he felt something. He didn't know what it was except that it made him smile inside. A week goes by and unexpectedly Skylar asks Amy to prom and she said yes. Prom is here and Amy and Becca looks beautiful in their dresses and Skylar is excited to go with Amy. No one dies. Sorry i don't like it when characters die.

I thought this was interesting and it deserves a share

Watch "Ryan Lewis - Fake Empire" on YouTube

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The End Of Gatsby

I loved the book! So disappointed when Gatsby died though. I finished reading the book a week ago because once I started reading into chapter 6 I couldn't put it down. The only thing that I didn't get in the end was that Gatsby had a father, but denied it when he was alive. I don't get why he would say he was a orphan?! Can't wait to see the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"The Great Gatsby" ch. 4-7 notes

Ch. 4
Nick names off all the people that was at Gatsbys party. Gatsby went to lunch with Gatsby where they ran into Tom, Gatsby told Nick that Jordan is going to talk to him about something over tea. Nick goes to tea, Jordan tells Nick how Gatsby was in love with Daisy and wanted to arrange a meet at Nicks house, he agrees.

Ch. 5
Nick goes home after being with Jordan, Gatsby startled Nick before he stepped on his lawn Gatsby is happy about the meeting. It rains during the meeting, Daisy shows up then Gatsby. Everything is awkward until Daisy finds out Gatsby  is rich then Daisy is all over him they go to Gatsby s house Nick leave them alone and goes home.

Ch. 6
Gatsby throws a party Tom, Daisy, Jordan, Nick went to the party. Daisy and Gatsby talk all night. Nick hands out with the wrong crowd. Gatsby tries to impress Daisy by introducing her to almost famous actors/ producers. The night ended everyone went home Gatsby was upset because Daisy didn't like the party.

Ch. 7
Nick and Gatsby go to lunch at Daisy's house with Tom and Jordan. Tom talks to Wilson on the phone, Tom said he wasn't going to sell his car to him. The have lunch, its really hot that day. They go into town Gatsby takes Daisy in the blue coupe and the others go in Gatsbys yellow car. Tom had to stop to get gas at Wilson s garage, Wilson wants the money to get myrtle away from Tom. Tom tells him he will sell his car. They continue to town. Daisy wants to be alone with Gatsby but Tom say no and they end up at a hotel. Tom gets mad and blows up saying he didn't like Gatsby, and Gatsby told Tom Daisy doesn't love him and she's leaving him they leave the hotel to go home. Daisy and Gatsby are first to leave when Tom, Nick, Jordan go down the road home come across an accident in front of the Wilson garage a yellow car hit Myrtle Tom knew who it was, Gatsby, tom goes home to find daisy in their room, Nick finds Gatsby outside in the bushes. Nick found out that Daisy was driving the car. Nick went home without Gatsby, Gatsby didn't come home until the early morning.